Got 60 seconds? Here are a few basics that will help you get started quickly with your first VisualCVs. The process is simple, create a VisualCV, enrich it with images, video and such, and share it with everybody or a select few. And you can always manage all aspects of your VisualCV.

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Once your free account is activated, you'll begin by editing your first VisualCV. Include your biographical and contact information, work history, education, references and more - instantly.

What is a VisualCV?

A VisualCV is an Internet-based, multimedia resume that provides a comprehensive picture of you professionally and allows you to stand out from the crowd.

How is it used?

You can use your VisualCV for professional networking, job searching, business development, and personal brand management. VisualCV provides the tools to share your profile any way you wish. The VisualCV's compelling Internet-based format helps you to differentiate yourself in a whole new way!

And, you can apply for jobs right here on the VisualCV website.

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